I do NOT allow teaching of my designs

As I get many requests I'm putting this in a few places on my site and it is in my tutorials. I do not allow teaching of my designs due to the impossible job of monitoring who is teaching with permission and who is teaching without it. I have been legally advised to not allow any teaching so there is no grey area that would impede legal action on those violating my copyright.

I took much time to learn how to make, edit and produce video classes. Since 2014 I have been doing video classes with my tutorials eliminating the need for ANYONE to teach them.  It takes a lot of time to write, illustrate and film a tutorial, I put that effort in so I can make a living and I suggest anyone wanting to make a living from beading do the same. Don't be a parasite.



I have order 2 tutos since 3 days but I don't reveived my order. Is it usual or unsual? I wrote yesterday to the "Contact" and I have no answer.
J'ai commandé 2 tutos depuis 3 jours et je n'ai toujours rien reçu dans mon espace. J'ai donc écrit hier dans "Contact" et je n'ai toujours pas de réponse.

same thing happened to me

I have had the same problem. I ordered a kit months ago. I haven't received the kit and am not getting any reply from my queries. I even contacted the Indie made moderator, a site where I purchased the kit. They also tried to contact Mikki and are not getting any reply. Very frustrating.

I became very happy to see a

I became very happy to see a selective bead made especially for us and i also treasure it immensely. We were Pandora Jewelry Cyber Monday 2014served the Pandora Bloom cocktails, just like before, and some prizes ingested out that is the Celebration Bouquet (Jared’s exclusive in america).Our first port was Coco Cay, Bahamas, a privately owned island by Royal Caribbean; https://cvwritingservicesuk.com/ We would have much rather been delivered at Nassau as the island didn’t must much to accomplish. It absolutely was also cloudy, windy, and sprinkling hence the weather hasn't been cooperating either. St. Thomas was your next port and furthermore , as it’s a US Territory, there was cell reception (hooray!).

I can understand the pressure

I can understand the pressure what you are feeling when comes to teaching your work through online. I too had faced the same thing when I want to teach essay writing skills through my assignment help uk blog where that work is given to few of my blog writers but they are not capable to give out there best to the students.

I think most of the designers

I think most of the designers are sharing the same attitude that was discussed senior rehab facilities here. They are not interested in teaching their designs or trademarks to anyone else. These are business secrets and I am looking here for more details on that. Keep sharing the updates here.

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