Physical Items NOT available till I am settled in the UK. (Mid April at the earliest) Back To My Roots

I think most of my customers know I'm English because my accent on my videos tends to be a giveway.   I've lived in the USA for the largest chunk of my life, 34 years, but made the decision last year to move back to the UK. 

The biggest of many reasons is the cost of healthcare when you are self-employed and have a few 'serious' pre-existing conditions.  I've lived without healthcare all my beading life, 10 years, and at 60 I feel I'm too old to keep taking that risk.  So enormous decision to go back to Blighty was made.

If you have never done an international move you cannot begin to know what the moving to do list looks like! It's never ending. It's not just me I'm moving it's also my 86 y/o Mom and our dog, Bella. Getting a dog ready for an international move is like me running a dog agility course....lots of hoops to jump through, made more stressful due to the government shutdown where all but TWO places in the whole of the USA were open to sign the health reports Bella has to have.   My appointment to get those signatures, and thank goodness we're flying from LAX, is the day before we fly.

I'm currently packing all my beads ready for the move so have stopped making anything new.  You can still buy kits and supplies from my store until February 11th as my final shipping day will be February 12th.  I will be closing the sections of my store that have physical goods but you will still be able to buy digital items during my move...and I sure hope you will cos this moving thing is EXpenSIVE! :)

Once in the UK I'll be talking with an accountant about what changes need to be made in my business and figuring out VAT and shipping issues. But my customers in the US need not worry...if things become too expensive for shipping to the US I will have some kits made up to be shipped from the US.  As my belongings (beads) won't arrive in the UK till mid-April I won't be up and running probably till May 1st.

So...that's my news for anyone not following the craziness on Facebook :)

Last day to shop for kits is February 11th!



Your move

Wishing you all the best with your move. In the meantime, I’ll be creating my own Mikki kits and be patient.

Best Wishes!

Greetings Mikki:

Just read your post regarding the next exciting chapter of your life. I wish all the best for your and your "Mum" and puppy. Thank you for all the support and kindness your have shown me. Your work is a super inspiration. Thank you! As you may know, my homeland is Austria and I have often thought about what it would take to return. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

-Eva Maria

Pattern for trader joe tin (I already have the tin can).

I would like to purchase the pattern for the beaded cover to make for the trader joe tin can as I already have the tin and beads. Thank you

Trader Joe tin pattern

Hi, I would like to purchase the pattern to make the beaded cover for the Trader Joe tin.
Thank you.

Miss Youn

Mikki we miss you .i hope all is well with you and that we will hear from you soon .
I can’t image what it must be like for you here (UK ) considering that you recently left sunny CA to come to the awful weather we’ve had all winter . My very best wishes to you.
CHeryl H

New Customer

Hello Mikki-

I am so happy to have found your site. Your designs are exquisite. I purchased 4 tutorials with videos. However, I do not know how to access your video links which is why I chose these 4 tutorials to purchase. I do now have the pdfs. I look forward to watching the videos and look forward to becoming a regular customer.

Good luck on your move.


Well wishes

Hope you, your mom and dog are in England and safe. I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful whimical patterns with the beading community. I've made several of your pendants and have received numerous compliments over the years. Recently, one woman actually came up to me while I was dinning with friends and bought my turquoise and black Ferris Wheel necklace right there on the spot. Now I need to make another one.

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