Primary Color Kit for Celebration Trinket Tin

Primary Color Kit for Celebration Trinket Tin



Kit for my Celebration Trinket Tin tutorial. 

Primary Colorway  


Kit includes over 70g of Delicas in 8 colors and 2 sizes, 5 different types of embellishment beads, glass cabochon and magnetic clasp. Needle and thread not included.

The tin comes from Trader Joe's, typically sold at the checkout counter (see photo of the tins).  For those of you unable to purchase a tin (International sales particularly) I have a few available...please not on your order that you need a tin.  Please be considerate...if you can purchase a tin don't request one because there are desperate beaders out there without access to the tins :)  The kit comes wrapped in colorful crepe paper tied with my signature black and white ribbon and a little quilled decoration (handmade by me)                             The completed Trinket Tin measures 3 3/4" diameter, 1 1/2 deep