Tassels: Set of 3

Tassels: Set of 3

These were sold to me as silk but I'm not 100% that's what they are, they seem more like a silky cotton. Just call me 'Honest Abe'...lol!

Trios: This listing is for ONE trio. Please list your choice in the notes.  If you would like 3 of just one color put the color choice in the notes...eg. 3 x RED

A ~  Yellow, Green, Turquoise

B ~ Blue, Purple, Fuchsia

C ~ Red, Gold, Green

D ~ White, Grey, Black


Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Red, Fuchsia, White, Grey, Black

These measure 5" and do not have a hanging thread. The are bound around an inner tube that appears to be about 3/4".