TUTORIAL Ferris Wheel Motion Pendant with Video Class

TUTORIAL Ferris Wheel Motion Pendant with Video Class

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I didn't grow up with amusement/theme parks but each year I woud anxiously wait for the small fair and the big fair to make their way to my little English town. I loved watching the rides as much as riding them and could not imagine the theme parks in the USA I'd see advertized in the back of Marvel comics. Little did I know back then that I would be on teams that designed and built these wonderful places.  So it's no coincidence that the rides inspire some of my work.

Ferris Wheel with it's spinning component is a fun piece to make and to wear, especially if you're a fidget like me! The wheel measures 2" diameter and the bail adds almost an extra inch.

The design utilizes my rolled peyote edging with an inner core, and is deceptively easy to make.  The tutorial is fully illustrated and guides you step by step through the project. For those of you who learn best through watching a demo the included companion video class will show you how as I bead Ferris Wheel and give you tips and tricks along the way.  The only stitch used is Peyote Stitch.....tubular for the Wheel and Track, in the square for the bail.

Suppliers for unusual components are listed and linked in the tutorial.

For any questions not covered in the the tutorial and video and to show me what you make from my tutorials I now have a Customer Support Facebook group (You must have purchased a tutorial to join).

UPDATE 2/25/2015 Revision to suply list for acrylic bead....should be 20mm not 18mm.  If this caused you a problem please e-mail me. The file is now revised so you can re-download.