TUTORIAL Pagoda trio of Ornaments with Video Class

TUTORIAL Pagoda trio of Ornaments with Video Class

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The Pagoda Trio of ornaments is a design that builds upon itself.

You can make the simple ball, take it to the next level by adding a quad-horned tower to make a teardrop ornament or go all the way and make a full on Pagoda with two quad-horned towers, a double roof and a dangling drop.

All in peyote stitch so no tricky stuff to learn it is worked over a small satin covered ball.

The tutorial is fully illustrated and step-by-step with an accompanying video class (over 2hours) where I show you each step.

Although you can use these for year round home decor they also make wonderful Christmas ornaments and gifts (I know, I've gifted them and still get thank yous :) )

As with all my designs you may sell what you make so long as you aren't into mass production! I appreciate being credited for the design. Please do not copy, share, sell or otherwise distribute this tutorial as you would be violating my copyright. While I do sometimes allow my projects to be taught I have strict guidelines and you must contact me to make teaching a possibility.