TUTORIAL Starlette with Video Class

TUTORIAL Starlette with Video Class

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Pendant, Brooch or Ornament   *****UPDATE:7/19/2018**** Due to the original coin bead no longer being available the tutorial has an update to accomodate the new coin bead I found....now available in my store. I've also introduced a kit for a white/pearl ornanment.

From a simple bezel I use geometric techniques to create an origami-like star.  The fully illustated step-by-step tutorial contains a link to my bead along video class where I take you through the tips and tricks of making this pretty little thing. 

I give options to make the star one-sided for a pendant or brooch...including instructions to make the bail and add the pinback. Or you can make the star two-sided for a wonderful ornament I can guarantee will be treasured by you or anyone you gift it to.

The star measures 3" in diameter

Stitches used: RAW, peyote, herringbone.

The center coin beads are available inthe supplies section of my store.

You may sell what you make from my tutorials with credit to me, the designer. Please do not teach, copy or distribute this tutorial or video class as it is a violation of my copyright


My apologies, there was a typo in the supplies list.....the B bead should have read as an 11/0 Delica, however the number for the bead if you ordered it by number would be the correct size.    DB=11/0    DBS=15/0

If your tension is loose the 15/0 would work as the length of a 15/0 delica is slight, the biggest difference is the diameter.

The file is correct if you purchase after 4/25/15.