TUTORIAL Time Fold Geometric Pendant with Video Class

TUTORIAL Time Fold Geometric Pendant with Video Class

Instant Download   ****UPDATE 10/12/15 Page 37 Instructions**** Redownload for correction if you purchased before this date.

Time Fold is a geometric pendant based on a warped square and uses the 'Explosive Round' technique from Kate McKinnon's books on 'Contemporary Geometric Beadwork'.

You will learn how to add detonation points and explode rounds to create the 'folds' of this pendant in a 20 page fully illustrated tutorial. The tutorial also comes with a link to a 90 minute video class where I walk you through all the steps....like a private class  :)

Stitches used: Tubular peyote and a small amount of RAW.

Supplies needed: 11/0 Delicas in three colors, 3.4 drop beads and one 10 to 14mm foacl bead.

You may sell items you make from my tutorial so long as you're not going into mass production. I do appreciate being given credit for the design.

Please do not share, copy, sell, or otherwise distribute this tutorial as it is a violation of my copyright.  I do not allow teaching of my designs without discussion and arrangement with me. If we all behave ethically the bead world stays a happy place. You will also find a link to my Facebook customer support group where you can ask me or my assitant questions on the tutorial you purchased and show us what you made.