TUTORIAL with Video Class BARCODE Rick Rack

TUTORIAL with Video Class BARCODE Rick Rack

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I designed my Barcode rick rack bangle for beaders who were intimidated the rick racks that are incredibly popular since the release of Kate McKinnon's book "Contemporary Geometric Beadwork". The pattern of the beads is designed to make it easy to see where you need to rick and to rack....as I term it the peaks and valleys.

As a lot of people have sizing issues with bangles and prefer a bracelet this tutorial offers both versions and a variety of sizes so you can choose which version is right for you.

I designed a special magnetic hinge clasp for the bracelet and it is an ideal clasp for this and many other types of bracelet.  I include two versions of edging and a surface embellishment technique.

My tutorial and companion bead-along video shows you step by step how to make the bracelet and clasp as well as the bangle. My goal with the video is to show you how it'sdone and give tips and tricks not included in the tutorial (otherwise it would be huge!).

Stiches used are: Diagonal Peyote, RAW, Tubular peyote

***UPDATED*** 1/19/2015  Typo on page 4 corrected. Row 5 is worked in B beads not W beads. If you want a revised copy redownload from your download page....you will only need to reprint page 4.