TUTORIAL with Video Class Battle Cry Pendant

TUTORIAL with Video Class Battle Cry Pendant

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I designed this pendant a long time ago using a gemstone talon for the center of the drop....alas I found the talons impossible to find anywhere so the design was put aside.  But fortunately the bead world is always coming up with new shapes and when I spotted the 38 x 10mm Queen Baguette pendant I knew I'd found a substitute for the talon.  I love the updated version, it has so much more sparkle.   The tutorial will take you through learning MRAW (modified right angle weave) and show you how to do a minimum bezel in three sizes, great techniques to add to your beading arsenal.


The 20 page tutorial has step by step fully illustrated instructions with 50 illustrations plus a 1 1/3 hour companion video to take you through all the steps and show you some of my beading tips and tricks. This is mostly a peyote project with a little MRAW and a little ladder stitch. 


The pendant measure 4 1/2" from top of the bail to the bottom of the drop and is 2 1/4" wide.  

I provide all bead numbers and colors for the six colorways shown.


You may sell items you make from my tutorial so long as you're not going into mass production. I do appreciate being given credit for the design.

Please do not share, copy, sell, or otherwise distribute this tutorial as it is a violation of my copyright.  I do not allow teaching of my designs without discussion and arrangement with me. If we all behave ethically the bead world stays a happy place.